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[06 Aug 2018|02:43am]

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Snipe Roster May 2018 )

I can walk through walls. [28 Feb 2015|01:42pm]

Ghost Existence

I look myself in the mirror
but who do I see?
A faint ghost of a pale existence
living a life not of my own.
A shadow of dreams undone,
A scream of a pain unheard.
Its a gleaming presence,
like a foggy realization.
Something you touch
but fail to perceive.

Like a conquering hero
returning home years after
forgetting what he'd achieved
not finding what he had left;
crying not knowing why,
avenging not knowing who,
living lonely with so many friends,
sighing deeply for so many lovers,
a pale figure of a man
once so mighty and brave.
(07-Aug-2006) Pedro Nuno Dias

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Boldly Go )

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Valar )

[05 Jul 2013|01:46pm]

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I can dance on air. [23 Oct 2012|01:55pm]

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